Bringing Japanese ramen to the world "ramen" is made without animal ingredients.

In the midst of a diverse food culture,
we want more and more customers to enjoy "Japanese ramen" by pursuing the best taste and ingredients.

It is from this desire that we have arrived at "animal-free ramen.

PLANT BASED TOKYO, which offers a menu using only plant-based ingredients, has launched this ramen restaurant.

We have prepared familiar ramen flavors such as "soy sauce," "salt," and "miso" based on the vegetable white soup made from plant-based ingredients.
The soup is made from plant-based ingredients.

Toppings include a satisfying soybean meat chashu, burdock chips, and vegetables.

The richness and depth of flavor of the broth, which is hard to believe that it is made without animal products, can be felt in this satisfying bowl of ramen.

All items are served with a side of spicy special Soy bean meat miso (bean paste).
Adjust the flavor to your liking.

2023.11.22 wed. NEW OPEN

Tokyo vege ramen veJin

〒151-0053 2-7-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan